Intro: why a blog?

This electronic space will serve as a journal to chronicle my updates and advancements in my research. I believe it will be a useful tool for me and for whoever will try to study Petri after me. 
Elio Petri is a particularly difficult topic for research since any sort of material related to his name (books, articles, interviews and even his own films) is quite difficult to find. I had to go through some trouble to find some primary and secondary sources, and this is in part due to the little critical attention that this director has received in Italy and abroad.

In this electronic journal, I will collect events and publications dedicated to Elio Petri as they come out, as well as discuss my progress with my dissertation, which centers on the work of this director. I have recently advanced to Candidacy, and I am now in the process of organizing the material I have collected into coherent chapters.
I will also use this space to talk about Conference presentations and articles I am preparing, and feedback that I receive from others. Finally, I will post quotes, pictures and link to Youtube videos that are relevant to my current study.

The blog will be in English and Italian.